Portrait of a Cattle Egret.  Photographed near Hanalei, Hawaii
Female Boat Tailed Grackle Photographed in the Florida Everglades
Gray Jay, also known as a Camp Robber
"Beautiful Coi"
Sometime back Leona and I visited a Nursery where Coi were being kept, so I took some liberties and photographed them as they would come to the surface to beg for food.
Bald Eagle Calling to a Friend, Seabeck, WA
Mid Aire Battle between Eagles, Seabeck, Washington
Puffed up Blue Heron with a Necklace Made of Sea Weed
"Eagles Standing Watch"
November and December on the Skagit River is the time for the Salmon Run but it’s also the time the bald eagles come to feed on the dying salmon.  Here a pair of bald eagles stand watch for their next meal.
"Bugling Elk on the Madison River" 
Each Autumn in Yellowstone National Park, the mating season begins in September, the males get agitated and watch carefully over their harem, they begin to bugle to  attract the females and to warn the other males away.  This is what that looks like.  Please note it is very wise to keep your distance from the males during the rut.  They will turn on you in a New York second.
"Bugling Elk along the Madison River"
"The Ragged Raven"
This old ragged raven was resting peacefully on a parking barrier at the Fairy Falls trail head in Yellowstone watching the people flock by to see the geysers.  Being the opportunist he is, he stood vigilant looking for a morsel of something to eat.  Thankfully he was kind enough to pose for the camera.
"Mother and Calf at Schwabacher"
"Bull Moose at Schwabacher Landing"
Schwabacher Landing located inside Grand Teton National Park is access by one mile of terrible road with a primitive parking area at the end.  However it is one of the most beautiful places in the park.  It is right up against the shore of the Snake River where beavers have built dams and waterways for themselves.  Accordingly, this has made great habitat for many other species including Moose.  You will find on this page pictures of moose we found in that area.  They are one family unit. 
"Snowy Owl"
"Yukon Black Bear"
My Wife, Leona, Sisterin Law, Floy, and I encountered this Black Bear along the Alaska Highway as we were on our return trip from Haines, AK in June of 2014.  This big fellow is enjoying a summer snack along the roadway and was not overly concerned about us being there.
Mama Brown Bear and her Young Cub -British Columbia"
During the Spring of 2015 I accompanied friends to Horsefly, British Columbia on a bear hunt in which our only weapons were cameras and a can of bear spray.  During that four day hunt we found this mother and her son at the edge of a field hoping we would stop to take their picture.  Of course we accommodated.
"Black Bear Holding up the Tree"
During our most recent visit to Yellowstone National Park we ran across this little black bear cub that had been emancipated by its mother (kicked to the curb) within the last month or two.  He was sticking pretty close to this location as he did not seem to know where to go.  We saw him a couple of times while in the park.
"Bald is Beautiful"
This last spring my wife and I set out to find wildlife to photograph.  While in the eastern portion of Pierce County we found this magnificent creature.  I was lucky enough to capture this image of him looking directly at me. WOW!
"Portrait of a Bald Eagle"
This beautiful Bald Eagle was photographed at Northwest Trek in 2015.  He is one of several being rehabilitated or kept based on their suitability to be returned to the wild.
"Taking Flight"
The Skagit River is host to hundreds of bald eagles each December as they partake in their annual feast of salmon that return each year to the river to spawn.  This eagle is about to take flight from his vantage point on this stump in the river to find more food.
"Hanalei Egret"
My wife and I were on the Island of Kauai this year near the Hanalei River when we encountered this beautiful egret.  Egrets feed in fields constantly hunting for insects.  When not hunting insects on the ground they perch on livestock to find insects.
"The Great Blue Heron”
During the late summer of 2013 I was trying to photograph some of the local bird population at Capitol Lake in Olympia.  I was specifically looking to capture a Great Blue Heron.  These birds are very skiddish.  They are much less afraid of humans in this area because of the walking trails.  I was very grateful to have encountered this handsome guy.
"Mom and Baby Stone Sheep - Yukon Territory"
"Stone Sheep Ram - Yukon Territory"
This stone sheep ram was encountered along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory.  He was in the middle of the road when we first saw him so we stopped.  A bicyclist was approaching from the opposite direction and he stopped.  Sheep are often not predictable so everyone gave him lots of room.  However this sheep was very courteous.  Leaped up onto the side hill off of the road and let us all pass then returned to the road.
"What are you Looking At?"
This little drake was sitting on a railing surveying the pond when suddenly he looked back at me with an apparent attitude.  I was lucky enough to catch his expression.  Priceless!
"Eagles Discussing Politics"
As I drove along Hood Canal near, coincidently Eagle Creek, I spotted these two Eagles sharing a meal and discussing Politics.  One can only imagine the discussion between them.
"The Angry Lynx"
This beautiful little native cat is not happy, for I have disturbed him by transgressing into his territory.  I took his warning seriously, snapped the shutter a couple of times and left without incident.
"Protecting her Daughter"
During my 2015 trip to Zion National Park, we encountered several Mountain Sheep.  This mother sheep has a young daughter she is guiding and protecting on that day.  As she shelters her daughter from onlookers she looks back as if to say "You will have to get through me first."
"The Breaching Whale"
Humpback Whales gather by the thousand in the warm waters off the Hawaiian Islands.  They mate and give birth to their calves each winter here.  This baby whale is practicing the art of breaching off the coast of the Big Island.
"Portrait of a Happy Bear"
This contented old bear takes a look around and surveys his surroundings having finished a breakfast of nuts and berries.  With a full stomach he is about to retire for a daytime nap.
“Swimming with a Green Sea Turtle”
In the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands Green Sea Turtles are seen quite often by swimmers, divers, and boaters.  I was lucky enough to be swimming near this gorgeous creature this year in Maui.
"Bison - Yellowstone National Park"
31 year old Grizzly - West Yellowstone, MT
"Coyote Hunting Rodents”
An early snow had fallen in Yellowstone National Park.  This hungry coyote is out looking for his next morsel, when suddenly he detects a rodent beneath the snow and pounces.
"Two Bison - Yellowstone National Park"
“Orcas in Hammersley Inlet”
From time to time transient orcas while visiting Puget Sound, explore Hammersley Inlet.  This Orca was caught breaching just off Walker Park, near Shelton, Washington, in May of 2017
"Breaching Baby Humpback Whale 2"
This magnificent humpback whale was caught breaching just off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in 2015.
"Breaching Baby Humpback Whale 3"
This magnificent humpback whale was caught breaching just off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in 2015.
"Swimming with the Fishes - Cabo San Lucas"
"Swimming with the Fishes 2 - Cabo San Lucas"
"Dropping in For a Free Meal"
The Skagit River is host to hundreds of bald eagles each December as they partake in their annual feast of salmon that return each year to the river to spawn.  This Eagle is dropping in to share a fish with his younger counterparts.
"Duck Dance"
A little wood duck sports his stuff for the girls at the McLane Creek Nature Trail in Thurston County.  Wood Ducks are among the most colorful ducks found in Washington.
"Breaching Orca - San Juan Islands - Washington State"
"Fish School - Tunnels Beach - Kauai"
"Skagit River Eagles in December"
The Skagit River is host to hundreds of bald eagles each December as they partake in their annual feast of salmon that return each year to the river to spawn.  These two are going their own separate ways to feed.
"Prairie Dog - Devil's Tower, Wyoming"
"Portrait of a Big Horn Sheep"
"Tatonka 1872"
I actually took this image right here in Western Washington, but it made me think of the Great Plains back in the 1870's.  So this is how it turned out.  Just as I imagined it.

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