"Kalalau Lookout"
The Kalalau Lookout is at the end of the Kalalau Trail which follows the Napali Coastline for several miles to Ke' e Beach.  At this point you have a splendid view of the Napali Coast when its not fogged in.  My experience has been that conditions there are so dynamic you can just wait a little while and conditions will change.  This was one of those times the clouds parted at just the right time.
"Honolulu Overlook"
From this lovely vista overlooking Honolulu, you can view the entire city from Diamond Head on the left to Pearl Harbor on the right

"Hotel Illikai"
The Hotel Illikai is located near the yacht harbor at the west of Waikiki.  This beautiful calm night lended itself to  this beautiful reflection shot.
"Chinaman's Hat"
This beautiful little island is located on the northeastern side of the island of Oahu.  Leona and I just happened to catch it near sunset.
"Day Becoming Night at Ke’e "
Ke’e marks the northern most point of the Napali Coast on Kauai.  It is one of the most beautiful places on Kauai.  It produces some spectacular sunsets with the Napali Coast at the forefront.

A Panorama of the Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii
"A stormy golden hour on Maui"
A short time before sunset a squall moved through the area on Maui.  The clouds obscured the island of Molokai, but generated some great color.  This magnificent old tree along the beach provides a great foreground for the scene. 
"Waiting for the Bus"
During a recent visit to Kauai we noticed that the local citizens were upgrading and furnishing the bus stops on the island with chairs couches and other furniture to make their wait more relaxing.  Here a local is waiting for the bus and catching a needed nap in the meantime.
"Abandoned House in the Desert”
While visiting Aruba in 2009 Leona and I ran across this old abandoned house with no roof in the middle of the desert situated near a windfarm.  Leona said “Look take a picture out this window.” So with a dismissive attitude, I took the shot.  WOW!  I take her advice now almost every time.  We both love this image as it brings back such good memories. 
"Sailing Into the Sunset"
On our first visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, Leona and I enjoyed the serenity of the topical sunset as we watched an Ocean Liner sail off to the west following the sun and finally disappeared over the horizon.
"Last Light on Maui"
Last light on a serine evening on Maui
"Early Evening at the Hanalei Pier"
Hanalei Bay located on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai is a gathering spot for locals as well as tourists.  Every evening crowds gather on the beach and on the pier to watch the sunset.  Seldom is anyone disappointed.
"Egret Hitching a Ride"
Egrets and Cows have a relationship that has lasted for many hundreds of years.  The egrets rely on the cows to attract insects that they can pick off their bodies.  The cow certainly does not mind the egret relieving it of the insects.
" Paddle Boarding with a Friend"
On the Island of Kauai, in the little town of Hanalei is a large bay teaming with activity.  Swimmers, fishermen, paddle boarders and boaters can be found out in the water having the time of their lives..  Here a man shares some of that fun with his dog late in the afternoon..
"Sunrise at the Kilauea Lighthouse"
With every sunset and sunrise on Kauai, nature struts her stuff, providing the viewer with a brief but unique display of beauty.  Here the sunrise silhouettes the Kilauea Lighthouse in the rich, golden, first light of the day.
“Last Night in Hanalei”
My wife Leona and I were enjoying our last night on the Island of Kauai watching the sunset over Hanalei Bay.  As the sunset seemed to wane, I broke a photographers cardinal rule.  I left too soon.  As we were on our way back to our room a most spectacular sunset began to appear.  I was able to capture it among these palm trees.
"Sunset at the Kilauea Lighthouse"
This old lighthouse was built in 1913 and is now a part of the Kilauea Wildlife Refuge on the island of Kauai.  I captured this image near sunset and was lucky to experience the beauty of this Hawaiian sunset.  We love the State of Hawaii and particularly favor Kauai.
"Hawaiian Fishing Family"
It is sunset on the Big Island of Hawaii as a native family strives to catch a few fish for a future meal..
"A waterfall in WiamieaCanyon"
Wiamea Canyon shows off it beauty with its red dirt and green vegetation surrounding its many waterfalls.
"Wiamea Panorama"
Wiamea Canyon, located on the Island of Kauai is also called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  Its magnificent red dirt, waterfalls, and lush vegetation make it a must see when you are on the Island. 
"Under the Hanalei Pier"
The Hanalei Pier is located in Hanalei Bay on the Island of Kauai.  It was originally built in 1892.  Hanalei is a special place to me.  On the day this image was taken, the usually calm bay was experiencing 40 mph winds and high surf.  I set up my tripod underneath the pier and made the shot.  When finished I was very pleased with the contrast, colors, depth, and the details of the worn concrete.
"Rays of Hope above Ke'e"
During one of our visits to Kauai, Leona and I decided to walk part of the Kalalau Trail near Ke'e Beach.  It was late in the day and we knew we wouldn't be going far.  Our efforts were rewarded by this magnificent late day display of sun, clouds, ocean, and blue sky.
"Island Sunset"
I am constantly amazed at the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.  This wonderful sunset is just a glimmer of what can be enjoyed in Hawaii.
"Big Island Sunset"
"Kilauea Sunset"
This is a location we frequently visit while on the island of Kauai.  Sunsets here are very festive because this is where locals gather nightly to enjoy sunsets and drink some beer and exchange stories.  Much fun!
"Sunset Palms"
This is a great location on the Big Island to relax and watch the sunset.  This evening was blustery and warm as the palms swayed in the breeze.  I had been hoping for a calm night to also catch the palms reflecting in the pool, but it was not to be.
Hawaiian Monk Seal Resting on the Beach, Poipu, Kauai County, Hawaii
A Cloudy Morning on the Napali Coast.
Kauai, Hawaii
Green Sea Turtle at Anini Beach
Green Sea Turtle at Anini Beach
Green Sea Turtle at Anini Beach
Green Sea Turtle at Anini Beach
Shaded Lane on Kauai
The above image is called "Standing on the Dock of the Bay."  I think the title speaks for itself.
"Myna Bird"
Hawaii has many myna birds.  They are very intelligent and can mimic human speech.  I love watching the birds of the islands and the myna is one of my favorites
The image above was taken from underneath the Hanalei Pier.  This is not the first try, but this time I used my wide angle lens at 14mm.  This big log blew in during a storm this winter.  I thought its odd shape added to the already interesting view.
"Lagoon Trigger Fish, Big Island, Hawaii"
"Hanapepe Foot Bridge"
To fully experience the Island of Kauai, you simply must take a walk across this bridge.  It is safe, but it will wiggle quite a lot with every step.  It is a safe thrill and worth the stop in Hanapepe.

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