Big Wave at Cape Disappointment 9228

"Don't be binging a knife to a Log Fight"
A Pair of Coyotes in the Snow

Coyote in the Snow

Bison Against the Skyline 2

Bison against the skyline
Bison Bull by the Big Rock
The "Hero"
Bay Center Derelict
Beautiful Twilight at the North Head Lighthouse

"The Ancient Mariner"
Cosmopolis, Washington

"Full Moon at the North Rim"
Grand Canyon, AZ
An Old Barn on Hwy 97, Teanaway, Washington
Storm Coming to the Yaquina Lighthouse
"The Day I Quit Surfing"
Tall Surf at Cape Disappointment
"Lady Washington at Sunset"
 The Lady Washington was built in Aberdeen Washington, to help celebrate 1989 Washington State Centennial.
"Dammit, Toto, We are Still in Kansas"
As the storm calms and the old schoolhouse settles to the ground, Dorthy and Toto are disappointed they are still in Kansas.

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