Guarding the Nest, Sterling Hwy, Alaska
Squirrel Protecting his Domain
Finding Solace at Antelope Canyon
"The Charging Grizzly"
As I focused on this big Grizzly Bear he started coming my way with "that look" in his eye.  Accordingly, I took the shot and got back in the truck. . .FAST!

"A Beacon of Hope in the Graveyard of the Pacific"
Cape Disappointment, Illwaco, WA
"Lightning Strike through the Looking Glass"
Cape Disappointment, Illwaco, WA
"Don't be bringing a knife to a Log Fight"
Bison Enduring the Winter Cold
Yellowstone National Park, WY
A Pair of Coyotes in the Snow
Yellowstone National Park, WY
Coyote in the Snow

Bay Center Derelict
"The Ancient Mariner"
Cosmopolis, Washington

"Full Moon at the North Rim"
Grand Canyon, AZ
An Old Barn on Hwy 97, Teanaway, Washington
"Dammit, Toto, We are Still in Kansas"
As the storm calms and the old schoolhouse settles to the ground, Dorthy and Toto are disappointed they are still in Kansas.
Up Close and Personal
The Old Car in a Field of Flowers
Grand Canyon Under the Night Sky

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